Stay Safe

We’ve all been caught up with the rapid developments of Covid-19.  What more can we do or say?  At this time, we implore everyone to stay safe, stay isolated, be mindful, be kind, be patient, and at some point, we’ll be able to look back and hopefully say, “Never thought I’d have to go through that.”

We have taken all dates off of our calendar.  As much as we love playing music with each other and for anyone that will listen, the risk is too great.  As much as you may love live music, now is exactly NOT the time to support it.  If you simply must spend your hard earned money, please consider purchasing recorded music or merchandise directly from artists that no longer have the stage as a place of commerce.

We wish the best for everyone in this difficult time.  We’ll see you when we see you.

Steady at the Saxon

The Forgotten Prophets have had the good fortune to be able to showcase their music on a monthly basis at the Saxon Pub which is one of Austin’s best listening rooms. It’s an honor to be able to perform on the same stage as so many local legends. Check out the “Shows” tab for up to date listings.


On August 7-8, Aaron, Chris and Pat tracked six new songs at Austin Signal Recording Studio with Charlie Kramsky reprising his role as engineer. While it has yet to be determined when and how this music will be released, it is the result of the three musicians meeting and working together over the past year to hone their craft as songwriters and arrangers. It is a back-to-basics approach with heavy emphasis on characters and their stories while providing a deep foundation to build upon.

The Empress Preorder

We are very excited for the second live performance of The Empress this evening for the Revel Solstice Festival, and we are heading into the studio to record it in early July. Rather than mounting a time and energy intensive crowd funding campaign, we are humbly offering a few preorder options as a means to raise capital for this project. We are grateful for your interest and support. Please follow the link below for preorder options and packages (digital download, CD, 180g vinyl, and even a printed & bound copy of the score). All preorders will be sent out on or before August 24, 2017.

The Empress Preorder on Bandcamp