On August 7-8, Aaron, Chris and Pat tracked six new songs at Austin Signal Recording Studio with Charlie Kramsky reprising his role as engineer. While it has yet to be determined when and how this music will be released, it is the result of the three musicians meeting and working together over the past year to hone their craft as songwriters and arrangers. It is a back-to-basics approach with heavy emphasis on characters and their stories while providing a deep foundation to build upon.

The Empress Preorder

We are very excited for the second live performance of The Empress this evening for the Revel Solstice Festival, and we are heading into the studio to record it in early July. Rather than mounting a time and energy intensive crowd funding campaign, we are humbly offering a few preorder options as a means to raise capital for this project. We are grateful for your interest and support. Please follow the link below for preorder options and packages (digital download, CD, 180g vinyl, and even a printed & bound copy of the score). All preorders will be sent out on or before August 24, 2017.

The Empress Preorder on Bandcamp

Summer 2017

More behind the scenes activities than on stage so far in 2017. See the SHOWS page for dates. We’ve been busy writing new material to debut this summer, and on June 20, we’ll be reprising our performance of The Empress for the Revel Solstice Festival. It will be a great evening of music with some of the best classical/art musicians in Texas. Always searching for inspiration, we will be taking a band field trip to see Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers tonight. They are undoubtedly the best American rock and roll band still in the game.

The Empress

On Sunday, February 12, The Forgotten Prophets will be debuting an original long-form, through-composed piece inspired by the mythology, lore, and symbolism of The Empress Tarot Card:  The Empress. The mother, the world of nature and sensation, Mother Nature, being fertile, bringing something new into the world.

“And here, in this quiet place I own, worlds are born.” – Cassandra Wilson, Run the Voodoo Down
Presented as part of the REVEL Unclassified concert series with KMFA 89.5FM, and 4th Tap Brewing Co-op.

“The Empress” (2017)
I. 6 Points, 12 Stars
II. The Defense of Love and Art
III. Extreme Force and Tranquility
IV. Fields of Abundance