From different walks of life across the United States which found them crossing paths in Austin, Texas, The Forgotten Prophets are an artistic musical collective— immediately accessible to any listener seeking genuine musicianship, song craft, and honest heartfelt performance. The musicians weave their unique abilities into a cohesive and timeless aural tapestry.

At their foundation, this is a band of music lovers playing for those who love music.  Setting themselves apart from their contemporaries, performances are carefully chosen to ensure listeners and artists receive the best possible experience.  Pristine sound reinforcement and production, accessibility, and the inclusion of local visual artists are top priorities. Patrons are not simply going to a show: They are attending a carefully curated experience from the moment they walk through the front door.

Original yet familiar, The Forgotten Prophets forge their own path through the backwoods of American rock and roll, art song, and improvisation. Their debut album, tracked lived in the studio in under four days, is set for release in early 2016. “We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel,” begins bassist Pat Harris. “We just want to stick as many playing cards as we can into the spokes.”  It’s music for the sake of music, without click-tracks, autotune, or auxiliary players; just a group of friends enjoying their time together.

James Anderson – violin, from Ft. Collins, Colorado has been hailed by critics as, “A violinist who bucks tradition.” James studied at the University of Northern Colorado and Guildhall School of Music in London.  He is the leader of the Austin Piazzolla Quintet (nuevo tango), the James Anderson Elevation Quartet (modern jazz), and the Waterloo Trio (classical). www.jamesandersonviolin.com

Chris Bell – guitar & vocal, from Burlington, Vermont is a lifelong student of the blues, the leader and vocalist for the Belltower Blues Explosion, and has been described as “world class player.”  He studied jazz guitar at the Berklee College of Music and composition at Texas State University.  In addition to performing, he is an accomplished luthier designing, crafting, and playing his own guitars. www.belltowertrio.com

Jonathan Geer – piano/keys, from Waxahachie, Texas is an in demand composer, and his music has appeared on American Idol, Family Guy, So You Think You Can Dance, as well as other commercials and video game soundtracks.  A student of film scoring from the Berklee School of Music, Jonathan is an accomplished pianist, and also writes extensively for the Austin Piazzolla Quintet and the Waterloo Trio. www.jonathangeer.com

Pat Harris – bass & vocal, from Bay City, Michigan is an in demand first-call sideman.  Pat studied classical performance at Central Michigan University and pursued jazz at the University of Texas. His songs have been described as, “…So good and clean in their construction that they feel almost ageless upon first listen.”   He blogs regularly about his experiences, travels, and philosophical musings on art and music. www.gpatharris.com

Aaron Lack – drums & vocals, from Muskegon, Michigan studied at Central Michigan University and the University of Texas.  With an incredibly diverse set of skills, and a chameleon of genres, Aaron can be heard playing drums, classical percussion, jazz vibraphone, or traditional steel pan music seamlessly moving from one instrument to the next.  He leads the Aaron Lack Vibetet and the Organic Mechanics. www.aaronlack.com

Steve Schwelling – drums, from Hermitage, Pennsylvania has been enjoying a musical career spanning nearly four decades.  With musical training starting at the Berklee School of Music, his performance credits include some of the finest talent in the world.  A lifelong student, Steve is currently studying drum set with Johnny Vidacovich and tabla with Gourishankar. www.steveschwelling.weebly.com